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How to push code on Heroku:- I give some steps , we can easily deploy the project on Heroku :- Firstly, we have to generate the ssh-keys:-ssh-keygen
Then login on heroku account using command line:- heroku login
If we don't have install the heroku then we have to install the heroku using:- gem install heroku
     heroku login
Add the keys on heroku:-     heroku keys:add
Create the application on heroku:-     heroku create project-graph
Initialize the project using :-     git init
Add the remote:-git remote -v
     git remote add heroku
     git remote -v

Commit the project:-     git commit -a -m "Project graph"
Push the project on Heroku:-     git push heroku master
Then run the migration on heroku we don't have to run the rake db:create command for heroku. We only need to run :-     heroku run rake db:migrate
Then Compile the css and js files :-     rake assets:precompile